Gayatri working with Women

“It is difficult for me to put into words the power of my session with Gayatri, so what follows is my best attempt to describe this beautiful, healing and transformational experience. I chose Gaya to work with as I had worked with her before in her Energygasm and Chakra dancing workshops and she is someone I feel I can trust and that I feel safe with. From the very beginning of the session, Gaya fostered a relaxed atmosphere of safety, openness and connection. I felt completely at ease and was encouraged to set an intention for our time together and ask any questions. This was also opportunity to talk about what my boundaries were and to look at how breath could add to the experience.

Each session is different so I won’t go into too much detail, other than Gaya led me through an extremely relaxing and sensuous massage, during which I felt myself increasingly melt into the table and energy from within beginning to rise through my core being. I could feel a need to ‘let go’, make sound and cry and was sensitively encouraged to do so, which led to an extremely beautiful experience, which honoured myself around an issue that I have been working with accepting and releasing. This was so powerful for me and the energy of it stayed with me, so that by the end of the session, I felt in an altered state of bliss and connection, my body literally vibrating.

Gaya is a true goddess and is absolutely meant to be on this earth doing this. I work with energy and have had lots of different types of energy sessions over the years and this ranks amongst the most powerful. I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to work with Gaya, however I would especially urge women seeking to connect to their own power and inner wisdom to step forward into this heart-opening experience. 5 days later, I am still able to connect to the power of this session. Thank you xx” – Clare

“I had the great pleasure of a session with Gayatri at Osho Leela. It was the most exquisite experience in which I felt fully honoured and witnessed as a beautiful Goddess by a beautiful Goddess. Unforgettable and I highly recommend you gift yourself what is certainly a very pleasurable, safely held, amazing experience!”  – S.H.

“My session with Gayatri was a deeply moving experience. Her female empathy and warm connection created a safe space, and guided by her expert hands, I was able to journey inward and release what came up for me. It left me buzzing with a dynamic energy.” – Barbara

Gayatri Working with Men

“Gayatri you were sent before me by the universe, the higher power. Your touch made me shiver and you knew exactly where on my body needs healing. You healed the areas that were in years of trauma and pain. I felt, with your techniques you crushed them and then drove them out of my body, your voice is very powerful and then sensual and soothing at the same time which is quite healing.

After the session I felt a sense of freedom and relief. It seemed quite refreshing now I could move on with my life.

I would strongly recommend any one male or female to give your past trauma and pain to Gayatri she is a Goddess of love/sexual energy. Gayatri – Thanks again for coming into my life and healing me.” – N.D.

“I found myself in a strange place after our last meeting. I was completely blown away for several days and it left me with a lot of questions about myself. I always thought I was a control freak, but actually after I enjoyed our last meeting so much I realised that I was actually a coward and just needed to let go a little and listen to my inner self a bit more…

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the impetus to do what I should have done a long time ago, but at least I finally got there and my life is fuller as a result.” – C.R.