Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session?
Each person is different and therefore every session is different. However, to give you some idea of the flow of a session, we begin with exploring what it is you would like to experience or explore, and setting an intention for our time together. We move into the experiential part of the session, which may include meditations, tantric rituals, movement or massage/touch. There will be time at the end for integration and discussion so that you leave feeling complete. Sessions usually last between 2-3 hours.

What is Tantric Massage?
In Tantric Massage, as I offer it, I create a space for all of you to relax deeply into your feeling body, through sensual aware touch and holding presence. It starts with connecting together in ceremony and this provides a container for your experience with a clear beginning and end. There is nothing for you to do but relax and receive during this although you may be encouraged to breathe deeper and feel into any sensations or emotions that arise.

It is important to know this is not a sexual service and for there to be a clarity that the massage is fully about you and your energy. This allows you to fully receive whatever experience you need without any expectation or performance on your part. By inviting in and accepting all of you, including your sexuality, we are able to work in a deep way together, however there is no set way that the massage should go or what emotions may come up. Once we open the ceremony then we will work together with whatever is appropriate, in whatever way is appropriate and in feedback with your boundaries.

How do I book?
Please contact us by email initially telling me something about what you would like to experience or explore in a session. I know it can be difficult to reveal something of ourselves to a complete stranger, but it’s important that we are both clear that we can work together.

Once we have agreed an appointment time, a deposit of £100 is required to secure your appointment.

What is your availability?
In the North Somerset, sessions are offered most week days between midday and 8pm. Appointments outside these times may be possible by advance arrangement.

Gayatri travels to London once a month and offer sessions over 2-3 days there.

PLEASE NOTE: sessions are offered for those who a genuine in wishing to explore and expand in their sexuality. Therefore same day bookings are not possible.

Is there nudity in the session?
Depending on the nature of the session, there may be nudity if you are comfortable with this and I am comfortable that you understand my boundaries. Acceptance of our bodies is a big challenge for many people. I am at ease in my body and it often feels right to conduct sessions from this place of naturalness and innocence.

Are shower facilities available?
No there are no shower facilities. Please arrive clean and fresh and ready for the session.

What kind of oil do you use?
I use organic coconut oil which feels silky, is good for your skin, and has no fragrance. If you would prefer something else, then please let me know in advance.

Can I ejaculate/cum during the session?
The intention of our time together is not towards the goal of climax. However, what the body wants to do, the body will do! While there are many benefits to conserving sexual energy through non-ejaculation, each man must decide for himself whether he is ready and willing to explore this path.

If you unintentionally ejaculate early in the session, we will still continue for the full time. Once the initial sexual arousal has been released, this can be a beautiful place to explore other kinds of pleasure.

What if I can’t get an erection/ejaculate too quickly?
There are many benefits to receiving intimate touch whether you have an erection or not. As there is no pressure to perform or do anything, tantric massage is ideally suited to you if you have erection or ejaculation issues. It can be a no-pressure way to reconnect with your body and your pleasure.

Can I touch you during our session?
In tantric massage sessions, you are invited to relax and completely receive. Touch is one way, from me to you. This can be unusual and even tricky for many people as we are so conditioned to be “doing something”. However, it is through this deep “let go” that we open to new pleasures and full body bliss.

In some sessions, mutual touch may be appropriate. This is something we would have discussed and agreed in advance and is only available to clients with whom I have previously met.

I have an unusual problem/situation, can you help me?
My mission in life is to support people in the fullest expression of their sensual and sexual selves.

Asking for what you really want or seeking help for a sexual challenge can be a really big step and I honour you for voicing your needs.

So ask me! If I do not have the relevant skills or experience to support you, then maybe I will know someone better suited to your particular needs. If it is appropriate for us to connect, then it could be the beginning of a beautiful journey.