For Women

Tantric massage for womenAre you ready to reveal your inner goddess?

Receiving loving and honouring touch from another woman can be a profoundly heart-opening and healing experience.

Free of the inhibitions or restrictions that may be felt experiencing intimate touch with a man, tantric massage woman to woman is a celebration of sisterhood.

There is no pressure to go into ‘performance’ or need to please anyone. Simple relax and receive loving touch from another woman.

And what of pleasure? Yes! Being witnessed and supported in our sexual selves by a sister creates greater self-acceptance and self-love.

“I had the great pleasure of a session with Gayatri at Osho Leela. It was the most exquisite experience in which I felt fully honoured and witnessed as a beautiful Goddess by a beautiful Goddess. Unforgettable and I highly recommend you gift yourself what is certainly a very pleasurable, safely held, amazing experience!” (S.H.)