For Men

for men_largeAllow yourself to be honoured as a man and enlivened as a human being through tantric massage. For a man, to relax into receiving rather than feeling the pressure of giving or doing, can be a liberating journey into surrender. This massage celebrates the whole body, including the lingam (the Sanskrit word for ‘penis’). Discover your aliveness and divinity through the body. This can be a profoundly healing and heart-opening experience.

“Gayatri creates an amazingly warm, safe and connected space in which to let go and surrender to the flow of a tantric massage as her light touch evolves into deeply sensual strokes and caresses. From beginning to end of my session I felt completely looked after, held, appreciated and worshipped. Whether you’re an experienced receiver of tantric massage or a beginner, I highly recommend Gayatri.” (Jay)